On Smart TV

I had the change to use a Smart TV in the hotel for the last few days. And I hope I never need to buy one. It is not only the smart tv itself but also regular TV, which makes it almost unbearable. The TV now talks with each station and want to send back the data of what you are doing. At least it was asking for it. But I’ve found no option to disable these functionalities. And why would I want to switch to something else when looking for a program?

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Controlling Podcasts, Books and Music via Hotkey in macOS Catalina

I’ve recently updated my computer to Catalina and remembered why I did not do it last year. Due to the split of iTunes into separate apps, the whole Podcasting and Audiobook playback has changed. And now, the media buttons are not working anymore as I would expect them to. As icing on the cake, I also found out that the Podcasts and Books apps are not AppleScriptable, so there is no straight forward fix.

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