Protohistorians have an exciting job โ€“ puzzling out about a culture without having any written documents from them. Just be researching the output of other culture’s history research.

Why is it so complicated to find an USB Type C dock which only needs one port of the host has at least three USB Type-C ports and one or two USB Type-A ports? And an Ethernet port.

I don’t need Display connectors or audio interfaces just USB ports. I’ve found one by OWC today, but it is over 100$ and has only one additional USB-C port.

Looking out of the window: Big snowflakes are falling from the sky. The snow brings a tactful mood to the day, hiding the ugliness of the world. I love these moments of silently falling snow.

The beat started slow and got steadily louder and faster. Now everybody is enraptured by it and dancing to the beat. The light is flashing in sync, and the party night will never be over.

Feeling stupid right now just spend an hour writing down my solution to setup a UIScrollView with content having dynamic content height.

My solution used multiple subclasses and set height constraints manually. The right answer: use the content hugging policy on the child view.

Designing a CPU you can actually still build with discrete elements and has a useful set of capabilities is quite complex project. And a significant trade-off between features and complexity. Just adding one register more makes it much more complicated than I expected.

At home, Hans’s first action is to take a shower โ€“ cold only, washing all the dirt and grime of his journey away. It was quite a change for him from long steaming showers to short cold ones. But after some time, you get used to it, and it is still better than no shower at all.

I tried fries with strawberry jam today and tried to convince my daughter to try it again. Her comment: “Dad, you need to take a Covid Test; I’m sure you’re taste buds are broken” โ€“ I was speechless! I think that was her first time using sarcasm against myself in an authentic way.

Having searched all of the buildings, Hans prepares to travel back home. This journey was a success when not in the way he planned it initially. At least Hans found some items to sell or barter with. He soon will need to start another journey to find the answers he is seeking.

Under the bathmat, in the first house of the village, Hans finds gold. A loose floorboard is hiding a bottle of rum and a box of ammunition. He has no use for both, but they will fetch quite a lot on the market back home.

The dancers are moving with the rhythm of the music. I stand next to it, too timid to join in, but my feet start tapping with the rhythm anyway. The beat gets faster, my feet tap stronger, and my arm and hand join as well. There is a moment I nearly stand up and join. But it is over as soon as it was there, and I keep observing.