Working from a coffee shop feels strange somehow. How many teas do I need to order per hour so I can sit here without a bad conscience?

I loved the MongoDB Day in Zurich yesterday. It was the right size and in a cool location, and there were a lot of interesting talks. It was also cool seeing some people I knew again.

I have an office cat today, as I’m cat sitting this week. I wonder how this helps with my productivity :-D.

I wonder what’s going on with the Euro Vision Song Contest. The instruments are totally loud and the vocals are why too quite :-(.

I found the energy to do some maintenance on our home network. And I finally are able to configure the Ubiquity devices again. And it did not come to the worst case scenario - setting up everything from scratch again, thanks to a backup of the configuration from December. And the not working AP was actually due to a not fully seated network cable Oo.

Looks like I’m finally feeling better again. The last 1.5 week were not good – too much migraines.

I think I’m read a bit to much LitRPG the past week. I want to put everything into my inventory or wonder how much my skill points increase for stuff I do :-D.

A poster printer behind a sheet of acryl glass. On the left side is a visualisation showing a hand holding a phone with our app running – showing the primary new feature of the app. Markers which can indicate information on a plan with different properties. The left side has the title “Release Frühling 2024” and below is a list reading: NeoMarker, Mehrseitige Dokumente (MDS) and Mehrsprachigkeit (FR & IT). At the bottom left side is the company logo and our claim in German, reading: Siresca / Wir vereinfachen Elektroinstallationen (We simplify electric installations).

Sometimes you need to make your wins visible :-) This is a poster I ordered to remember our first big release. It was a big one.

It was a long time since I last had a weekend where I could just sit down and read for the most time – I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Black jeans on the floor. These are cargo pants with additional pockets on the legs.

New pants - was unable to find my regular pants in the store so this is a copy made by a tailor based on my old ones. Still needs some improvements in the fabric selection and in the fit but I’m happy to have new pants again.