I think I found where part of my Harddrive space is vanishing. I found out that my Developer folder is a whopping 40GB – I cleaned it out a bit yesterday, and now I have some more free space again.

I’ve watched Yellow Rose the other day and was positively surprised about this movie. It is has a pretty slow build-up. The story hooked me from the beginning.

I especially liked the actress of the main character. And I only realized towards the end why I had the feeling I know her. It was Lea_Salonga.

I think I need to install a bigger SSD into my iMac - or buy a new one. I constantly run out of space on it. Or perhaps just wipe it clean and start over fresh.

The instructions are clear :-) The message is: Dad write neatly.

The instructions are clear :-) The message is: Dad write neatly.

A beneficial article regarding how to learn new stuff.

Being a senior developer is less about knowing absolutely everything and more about quickly being able to recognize when you don’t know something and learn it.
When I’m talking to someone who knows more about the concept than me, I find it helps to start by asking really simple questions, where the answer is just “yes” or “no”.

Get better at programming by learning how things work.

I am standing next to the road, waiting for the bus to come. I smell the fragrance of spring for the first time this season.

The smell of flowers blooming after a light rain is filling the air.

Review of The Vexed Generation (Magic 2.0 Book 6) by Scott Meyer

I finished reading The Vexed Generation (Magic 2.0 Book 6) by Scott Meyer.📚

The action of this book takes place around ten years after the main storyline. Mattie and Brewster are the teenaged children of Martin and Gwen Banks. They know nothing about the magical past of their parents and are pretty surprised when they find their parents frozen like a statue in the living room.

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The project from yesterday. Unfortunately, it was too heavy and did not float.

The project from yesterday. Unfortunately, it was too heavy and did not float.

My daughter managed to drag me into the shop for the first time this year, I think. Not sure why I was not down there for so long, I suspect I’m feeling guilty about all my unfinished projects. But it was good to create something with here.

I wonder if it is possible to directly generate an app from a set of user stories without manual coding.

Got some unexpected free time this week. But now I don’t know what to do with it oO.

My head does not like our current weather. Sitting in the dark with headaches again :-( hat least I’m no longer feeling ill 😳


In this oddly paced "educational" video, I explain how I created a paper for SIGBOVIK 2017 that consists of only printable ASCII bytes, but is also a valid DOS executable. This involves making a C compiler that targets the printable subset of x86 (without using self-modifying code), and just barely scraping out solutions to some tricky puzzles that arise due to the constraints. The final result is functionality that is oh so very important, however!

Compiling C to printable x86, to make an executable research paper.