The linked article is quite helpful. Especially the section about meetings is intriguing. Having a meeting with no set goal initially and all information present is never a good idea. It only leads to a follow-up meeting in the future.

The person who called the meeting is responsible for contextualizing the outcomes and porting relevant snippets to relevant GitLab issues and/or merge requests.

By placing this burden on the meeting organizer, it acts as a filter for whether or not a meeting is truly necessary.

I like this idea, whoever wants to have a meeting is also required actually to make sure the documentation afterward is present. And having a meeting where the outcome is not written down is too bad as nobody remembers its results.

A common frustration in large organizations — regardless of what stage of remote they’re in — is the chaotic splintering of communication. Projects frequently end up strewn across email, chat, text messages, unrecorded meetings, design tools, Google Docs, etc. While there are a litany of unified communication tools available which attempt to wrangle all of that, you’re best served by choosing a single system for communicating project progress.

Yep, all documentation needs to be at a single point. Otherwise, chaos ensues.

Embracing asynchronous communication

I listened to the Flash Forward Episode the Very Big Sick today. About a hypothetical pandemic and how we would need to react to it. The episode is from 2018, and it is interesting how we now have the situation in real which they were speculating over.

Flash Forward, Very Big Sick

On Note Taking

I’ve had a look at Obsidian this week, and I like it – but like with every other note-taking app, I’m missing the spatial and graphical part. It allows me to link my notes and display them as a graph. But what I want and need is a hybrid to between a text editor and a vector drawing program.

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I hate the days when you’re head is feeling cloudy and you’re unable to focus on anything :-(

Today was a strange day. I spend ten hours looking at how to fix a bug in an Apple framework. Three other unlucky developers and I are the only ones seeing it – and no fix so far :-(

URLSessionConfiguration.timeoutForRequest is ignored when it is set to a value greater than 60.

We are back from our short trip to Lucerne. I’m tired but happy. It is a long time since I was so active like in these last three days.

A collection of pictures of the excursion to Mount Pilatus from yesterday.

A collection of pictures of the excursion to Mount Pilatus from yesterday.

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