I’m playing around with Railway today. I’m not yet convinced I understand it. But I needed an alternative for hosting (active) projects now that Heroku has changes their prices.

A small black device with two LED on top of a bus stop station sign. The station name is hidden. The device has a solar panel on top.

Found this interesting devices at at bus stop yesterday. It’s made by SeeUs. A device to indicate that the bus needs to stop at your station. Never seen it before, and think this is a good addition. Especially in the darker half of the year.

On my way to do some swimming. But the long pants were the wrong choice. It is way too warm outside now.

Just overheard on the Bus: An older person was talking about her school days and that the classes had 40 children in them.

I can’t imagine how you learn something in such a big group. I find our current max of 20 children already way too high.

Day off today and what does my body do: Migraine and headaches :-(

In the center there is a squirrel eating hazelnuts. It is It still has its winter coat (dark brown towards black). At the top Are some leaves of a hazelnut tree. And the bottom is grass.

We have a new animal in our neighbourhood. A squirrel eating hazelnuts from our tree.

The first room of the restaurant.

Back at our wedding location for our obligatory wedding day celebration. Tomorrow it’s another year.

Experimented a bit with typesetting for an upcoming book binding project. Going from individual markdown files to a final pdf to print (via Pages). Looks like the simplest process so far and for a one off experiment perfect. Also found Bookbinder 3.0 to reorder the pdf for print.

Thanks for organising Micro Camp @jean and @manton. And also thank to everyone who participated. I had a lot of fun. And it was cool to see everybody in “realtime” time for once.

I hate it, when my computer just randomly fills the hard drive and I need to make a reboot to fix it. What I hate the most is that I don’t understand the reason for it.

I suspect a cache file or some sort of virtual memory but I’m not sure how to debug it. When I reboot I have around 10GB space on my drive. And then within a week I’m down to 200MB.

Creative Chaos

Just read I’ve stopped managing my email, and it reminded me that I have a lot of strange habits around computers. I never seem to find other people doing it the same way. Next to not managing my email, I also love tabs in my browser. And there is seldom a time when I have less than ten tabs open. But this thought goes a lot further; I have creative chaos in my working spaces.

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Photo of an Macintosh SE/30. Showing the Finder.

They had old Macs - the memories - unfortunately only games on there and no HyperCard. But we played Glider (the one with the paper plane) on it for a bit. I’m still as bad as when I was younger.