This page contains my blog and microblog where I post short things happening in my life. I’m a software developer by day and tinkerer by night. I also love to read, mostly fiction.


Reading Books is a significant past time for me. Some of my most liked books are Jumper, the Harry Potter series, The Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire. You also will find the current books I’m reading in the blog section of this page. And this article contains a list of all the books I read in 2018.

Programming Languages

The first programming language I used was QBasic before I was a teenager this was followed by along page of HyperTalk in my HyperCard phase. Later I switched to RealBasic (I think that is now called XOJO). When I started my university career, I turned to Java. And today I mostly use ObjC or Swift and a combination of Javascript with different Frameworks.


I like to design and build furniture or to tinker with electronics when I have the time. To better document my projects, I started my own Youtube channel last year. Have a look at my other page for all my build projects.


I’m an avid listener of podcasts, some of my favorites are: ATP, Turning This Car Around , Ungeniused and Cortex


Musicals are an artform I like, but I did not manage to see so many in real life, as it takes quite a while until they are performed here in Switzerland, and traveling to London to watch one is a bit too much ;-). I consume these mostly though Musical Movies, like “The Greatest Showman” or “Dreamgirls”, and by listening to the soundtrack.