The other day I realized that I read a lot more than books as I’m also an avid reader of webcomics. And over the past several years I’ve read quite a lot, and I’ve never spoken about it – quite the opposite to all the books I consume.

The first webcomic I’ve stumbled upon was the JoyOfTech, and although the drawing style is quite simplistic, I like the content and the humor in it. Then there is Ctr-Alt-Del (CAD) which I think was the first webcomic I read with a story arc.

While I studied, I also found Userfriendly which again has pretty basic graphics, but the content is right up my alley :-). I just found this comic in the last two years where it was still regularly updated.

Sandra and the Woo and Gaia are two new comics I found in 2018, together with Questionable Content. I like the light-hearted humor in Sandra and the Woo as well as in Questionable Content, but both still provide a storyline. And Gaia is fantasy with a beautiful art style.

The newest comic I started reading is called Questionable Content which I just found just this autumn. I like the concept of it being a sitcom in a lightly futuristic universe. There are Human-like robots and AI, but it still has humor in it.

I like webcomic as a separate art form. You get once or twice a week a short insight into a different universe, and sometimes it can also be critical about developments in the real world. Next to all the story driven comics I also follow XKCD and The Oatmeal – I like the nerd factor a lot in both of these webcomics although the humor in the later one I sometimes a bit questionable.