I just read Speaker for the Dead (The Ender Quartet series Book 2) by Orson Scott Card 📚.

I’ve read this after finishing Enders Game starting the book I was not sure if I will like it as it is entirely different from the setting of Enders Game. But after the first 100 pages, I was in the story and could not stop reading the book. This story has a lot of persons and a lot of names which are (for me) quite similar in sound, never mind that I’m unable to sound out the names correctly, as they are mostly Portuguese. The most impressive was the description of the second alien race which has a complete alternative lifecycle compared to us humans. And unlike other authors, Scott Card explains the details in a logically and thorough way.

I like this book and its story; it was not what I expected after reading the first part and for this, I liked it better, now that I’ve read both. And I will start the next book in the series soon.