At the beginning of this year, my long obsession with the play and book Les Misérables reached a new high which caused me to read the book.

I got into contact with the musical via Susan Boyle when she was singing the song on TV, which led to me buying the soundtrack.

But I never understood the story behind the music. And reading the summary on Wikipedia was not fulfilling either.

The second contact was the Anime “The Story of Perrine”, adapted from the book Nobody’s Girl, which I also read at the beginning of this year. In this story, one of the characters is reading Les Miserables on a tree over a lake. This character is a young engineer, and I identify myself a bit with him.

Image from the episode inviting the guests

When I was on the search for my next book I remembered this all and decided to finally read the book. I also had the hope to better understand the story and the songs from the musical. After the book I also watched the 1998 Les Misérables movie I found on Netflix. The film is old, but quite truthfully to the book, so if you don’t want to read the book watch the movie :-).

I had quite some respect for this book, as you always hear about this significant classical, works of art. But it reads quite right. It has some long passages where the author is losing a bit track of the story, but he always comes back to the main story at hand. Now all thats left is to go to London and watch it live :-D