In recent years, I developed a habit of re-reading some books over and over. The first books were the Harry Potter series—I’ve reread all of the books each time a new issue was released. Some books I’ve now read more than ten times (and I still like them). But I’ve done the same for other long-running series as well, like Wheel of time and a game of thrones. And then we just have my favorites book of all time – Jumper which I read at least once a year.

I can’t figure out the reasons why I do this. Rereading a book means I don’t need to find and search for another title. It also means I don’t need to read something unknown that I don’t know if I will like. I do have a list of books I want to read, but then I need to find it and buy it. Then, there is a limit to how much I can spend on books per month.

All this causes me to read old books over and over again. It’s just the more straightforward and less dangerous option. So I need to fix my book acquiring process. Perhaps I should start buying the next two books on my list ahead of time, so I’m never out of reading material?