I just finished reading The Academy of Stolen Magic: YA Paranormal Academy Book Two (Blakemore Paranormal Academy 2) by Sullivan Gray.๐Ÿ“š

The second book connects directly to the end of the first book, and actually, these should have been one book. This book mostly covers the relationship drama of the main character. And we also get to know a bit more about the main story. But I got the strong feeling that the main adventure is not essential, and the love relationship is the central part of the story ๐Ÿ˜ข. I mean I know what Iโ€™m reading, and I have quite a high tolerance for teenage angst and love fluff, but this book had way too much of both. Iโ€™ve read other young adult novels where this is handled way better, in my opinion.

The book ends with a semi cliffhanger, and I donโ€™t think that I will read the next issue. On one side because the next book is removing one of the main points making it attractive to me. And also because it looks like another endless series of books without satisfying endings.