I decided to read The Testaments: The Sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood📚 after not being sure to read a book which looked for me like an unneeded sequel after the TV show. But I’m happy that I did read it because my fears did not come true. And you do not have to read the original book to enjoy this book.

Plotlines for the book the Testaments

This book is a page-turner, from the first moment you get sucked into the world and the protagonists. I especially liked the plotlines from Aunt Lydia and “Nicole.” These give a lot of context to the world at large - something I was missing in the first book.

I’ve liked this book a bit better than the Handmaid tale. Somehow I was feeling less lost in the story and timelines. But there where the scene’s where I was feeling quite hopeless about the decisions the characters did make. You continuously think you should not do this and fight back, but in real life, I think I would also go with the “easy” path.