Last Friday, I had the chance to go and watch the Book of Mormon, which currently is staying in Zürich. Atypical for me, I did not know the soundtrack and the story beforehand and was in for a treat.

I’ve heard one or two songs beforehand but did not know in which context of the story these will be used and details of the story. It was a strange experience sitting in the venue and laughing after nearly every song. I should have expected that the humor would not be up my sleeve since I’m not too fond of Southpark, mainly because of its fecal humor. But still, I’ve enjoyed the musical quite a lot, but I don’t think I would watch it a second time.

After leaving the theater, I was for a short moment surprised to see the cast outside until I’ve realized that these are real Mormons trying to distribute the book and talk with you. It was a strange experience. Especially after we were in a room laughing about their belives for two hours.