On Friday the 24th of January, I finally have seen Les Miserables, my favorite musical for the first time. I had such high expectations for this musical. I’ve listened to the original soundtrack (Les Misérables Highlights (Original London Cast Recording)) countless times and dearly love the voices and the songs. So the evening was a bit of a mixed bag.

Les Misérables poster

Overall I enjoyed my time, but there are some issues I had with this version of it. Firstly the right front speaker who could not handle the louder parts of the music and started to have a quite painful buzz :-(. And secondly, my head, which fought it necessary to diffing the song to the tune of the original cast version running along in my head. And each time when there was a difference, it took me out of the experience. Luckily I managed to suppress this after a while and could enjoy this new version. I was not disappointed at all. I absolutely liked it! And some of the songs make now so much more sense. Especially as I never could remember which voice belongs to which character. Especially with Cosette and Éponine.

I was impressed with the singing of Javert this actor has a voice - wow. The actor of Valjean did not live up to my high expectations in the first act. But he also got a lot better in the second act as well.

To the end of the play, I realized that this is quite a strange store as most of the main cast is dying thought it. Another exciting development is that I’ve liked Javerd and Éponine way more in the musical than in the book, especially with Éponine. I so far never quite understood why she is there. And the excellent cast member for this role also certainly helped.

Now I need to check when I can go an see it a second time ;-)