Review of Crossroads of Twilight, The Wheel of Time, Book 10 audiobook 📚.

A lot of slog in this book, but I’ve realized that it is way more enjoyable when listing to an audiobook as compared to reading it yourself. So no jumping over the Faile storyline this time around!

I like how you now see all the other characters react to the cleaning of the taint started by Rand in the last book. And how everybody gets it mostly wrong.

And Mat storyline is also taking up some steam again, and he starts to further grow into his role and getting to know his future wife better, which is certainly not a classical love story at the beginning ;-)

And finally, the storyline with Egwene inside of the White Tower starts. I’m looking forward to these chapters. It is impressive how much she has grown since the beginning, and I still very much like her storyline.