I just finished reading Stolen Magic: A Sleeping Beauty Reimagining (Fairy Academy Book 3) by RaShelle Workman.📚

Rory got tricked into using black magic, and her character dives into the unlikable.

The book drags a bit, but it picks up again towards the end - luckily. I already lost all hope for the plot, but it still managed to get a bit better and come to a useful conclusion. I certainly did not expect this ending when starting the series, but this leads me to another point, this is not a three-book series! It is one book split in thrids to extract a higher price by the reader. I realized this after the first book, but Ms. Workman is quite talented in writing cliffhangers ;-) and got me :-(.

On the other hand, I found a nice quote in the book, which quite surprised me:

“Behind Lucretia is Maleficent and Sam. They are on their feet and slowly inching their way around the room to the door. I know they are just followers, but sometimes that’s even worse.”