Review of Gathering Storm, The Wheel of Time, Book 12 audiobook 📚.

The chapters of Egwene in the White Tower are excellent – and listening to them in audiobook form also makes the dialogs come fully to life. Just for these chapters, this book moved way up in the list of favorite WOT books – I still think that Book 3 is better but not by far!

I’m not sure, but Matt sounds a bit off role the first time we see his POV. I’ve never noticed this so far, perhaps because there was more time between the books or probably because of the audiobooks. It bothered me the beginning, and I need to see how this develops. It certainly got better in the later chapters again. But in the end, he still sounds off to me, especially in Hinderstap. My theory is that he explains too much now before he had more internal monologue about his plans, and now he needs to tell everybody about everything, and for me, this does not fit to Mat.