I just finished reading The Aleph Extraction: The Galactic Cold War, Book II by Dan Moren.📚

The second issue in the Galactic Cold War series, and I loved it. The crew around Simon Kovalic receive a new undercover mission. They need to locate and retrieve a mysterious artifact out of an intergalactic crime boss’s hand this time. Additionally, Simon hired a new member for the team with a questionable reputation – a decision that is not greeted with enthusiasm by the rest of the group.

The story is still an intergalactic secret service plot transplanted into a future with space travel. This time around, it has some more science fiction elements in it, although the book could still just as well be placed on earth in the cold war epoch - just remove the rockets and space stations :-)

I’ve liked this book better than the first somehow. I found a better entry into the story, and it did not let me go again. This book has constant action in its arc, which the first one did not have, and for this, I liked it a lot better.