Review of Towers of Midnight, The Wheel of Time, Book 13 audiobook 📚.

It was a long journey for our heroes, but we arrived at the second to last book in the series. This book finishes most of Edmonds-Field’s five separate plots, and most of them get some time to take a breath, sit together and enjoy some “peaceful” time before the last battle. It is also interesting how you feel that the last battle is imminent, and it does not take any longer until it starts.

This issue is the second book, written by Brandon Sanderson, and I like it better than the previous one. I think he found his voice in the universe, and also Matt now sounds more like his old self again. His meeting with Elayne was how I’d remembered it from the first read, and in audiobook form, it is a lot more enjoyable!

I’ve also noted parallels in the plot threads, like the parleying between Galad and Asunawa, which reminded me of the discussion between Egwene and Elayda.

One thing which took me out of the story, which I never understood was why the army’s size should change Rand’s opinion regarding breaking the seals. Egwene thinks this multiple times and tries to collect the biggest group armies.

I like the POV sections from Morgase, how she copes with her fall from power, and how she can motivate herself and see a future. It has certain parallels to Siuan as well. I wonder how a meeting between them in her new positions would work out. Not sure if they ever have met before.

And now, I look forward to the last book and the final battle between good and evil.