I just finished reading Sie wäre jetzt 17: Psychothriller by Nika Lubitsch.📚

Michaela is a successful businesswoman. She has a teenage daughter and is married to a lovely man in a second marriage. Together with the stepdaughter, they all live in Berlin in an old mansion. And she is now in a private clinic at some sea an talking to her therapist. In each of the multiple short chapters, a further layer is peeled away from her story, and we slowly get to see what happened. And why she now is in the clinic.

Author Lubitsch writes in a clear and fast writing style. I like how the character comes to life in the text. And I like how she managed to make a monologue exciting and joyful to read from the main character’s perspective.

I’ve enjoyed this book and could not stop reading it, and it did not let go of me when I’ve finished reading it. I’m still thinking about the plot now, something which does not often happen to me.