I just reading Selbstzuwendung, Selbstakzeptanz, Selbstvertrauen: Psychotherapeutische Interventionen zum Aufbau von Selbstwertgefühl by Friederike Potreck-Rose and Gitta Jacob.📚

A book about how to recreate your self-esteem and self-acceptance again when you have lost it is not directly a “self-help” book, and I liked this aspect of the book. The first part introduced the theoretical concepts of the topic. Whereas in the second part, the authors present multiple interventions to rebuild your self-esteem.

The theoretical part is relatively short but contains many references to further reading material and research material. I’m not sure if this is useful for everybody, as the book is not targeted at non-therapists.

We have many repeated instructions in the longer practical part as each task is presented in a complete form and not assuming you have read the rest. It is a bit tiring when you read the book from start to finish. The presented tasks are not complicated, and just reading about them has already started my mind thinking about these topics. I certainly need to come back to some of these ideas and try them correctly and not just while reading.

Although the book is not meant as a do it yourself book, I still could extract value from reading it, and from this aspect, I’m glad that I’ve done so. But it would be best if you indeed had an interest in technical books.