Review of Seven Things Not to Do When Everyone's Trying to Kill You (The Tale of Bryant Adams Book 2)

I just finished reading Seven Things Not to Do When Everyone’s Trying to Kill You (The Tale of Bryant Adams Book 2) by Megan O’Russell.📚

Bryant and his friends nearly survived the fight against the Ladies in the first issue, and he is now a wizard apprentice. And now the adventure continues.

“There will be no room for argument. No time to second-guess my decisions. We’re waltzing into the best security system known to magickind. If you move one hair out of my guidance, I cannot guarantee you will live to see the inside of the Library.”

The book is an easy and fast-paced read. Bryant learns some more things. Although the story is a bit chaotic, it is pretty unclear why things are happening, and the reader is on a roller coaster ride throughout the book.

And I’m unclear what the title of the book has to do with the actual story. But never mind these things I’ve still enjoyed the book – I like the naive main character tumbling from one disaster to the next, and the best friend is cool. I suspect that there are some further secrets to unveil in the next issue.


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