Review of Voice of Command (The Spoken Mage Book 2)

I finished reading Voice of Command (The Spoken Mage Book 2) by Melanie Cellier.πŸ“š

Elena is now in her second year as a mage trainee at Academy’s. She earned respect from her classmates, found a home in the school, and completely unexpected some friends. But now disaster struct in the northern province of the Kingdom. A horrible case of green fever is menacing the people living there. The whole second year travels into the crisis region to be able to observe how to treat illnesses. But only watching is not enough for Elena – she wants to help with healing no matter if she has permission to do so.

The second issue is a bit shorter but no less exciting to read. It was quite a page-turner for me. I was surprised when I finished it the same day as I started with it, as the chapters just flowed by.

This book goes deeper into how much energy should or must the ruling class expend to save a city’s overall citizens. And how should your energy best be spent while treating a pandemicβ€”a topic which is relatively current right now.

I liked how Elena started to listen more to her surroundings and did some self-reflection, and realized after warts that the mages' decisions were correct.

She also finally tried to have a real dialog with the prince, and there was some kissing. But still not as much as I would have expected for the genre of the book. All in all, an excellent second book which I liked reading very much.


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