Review of Voice of Dominion (The Spoken Mage Book 3)

I lately finished reading Voice of Dominion (The Spoken Mage Book 3) by Melanie Cellier.📚

Elena is the only Spoken Mage so far, and she still needs to learn how to fight against the limitation of her magic. Compared to her class comrades, she needs a lot more energy as she cannot use stored compositions. And therefore cannot prepare her magic before a fight. The war with Kallorway is getting hotter by the day, so the third year is asked to go to the front lines. Two years early than regular. Will her strength help change the outcome of the war?

I think this was so far the weakest book of the series. It does not feel like much is happening. The third-year class is at the front of a never-ending war, but we only ever see action twice. Ok, on the other hand, it also makes sense as these are trainees and not soldiers. But this then causes all the character development to happen in some short paragraphs next to the action.

The book indeed contained some unexpected turns as well. On the one hand, the love story starts to get some more space in the book. But then Elena grows quite a bit in this book and can finally make some progress with the “game of houses.”


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