Review of Voice of Life (The Spoken Mage Book 4)

I finished reading Voice of Life (The Spoken Mage Book 4) by Melanie Cellier.📚

In the last issue of the series, the book expands the world quite a bit. After the kingdom got an offer for an alliance with the northern imperium, Elena and Lucas travel north to visit the potential new ally’s capital. Elena is not very happy about this development as it means she loses Lucas shortly after they found one another. But while traveling to the palace, she makes some interesting observations.

The series ends with a bang; this book contains a lot of content and unexpected turns. We have action from nearly the beginning until the very end. Writing-wise this book is the best of the series. The only downside I could mention that towards the end, it felt a bit rushed. Perhaps it could have used another chapter to expand a bit on the development in the last third.

I liked the interaction between Julian, Jasper, and Elena. Julian got some depth to his character, and he seems to be a genuine person compared to his other two siblings. He does not directly love Elena and Jasper, but he understands that change is coming and changes his behaviors. Part of his transformation is undoubtedly to benefit from the development personally. I think this is ok, as he directly says that this is part of his motivation.

I loved this series, and I’m a bit sad it is over now. But luckily, there is a spin-off series as well. And there is a different book from the POV of Julian and Saffron.


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