Review of The Perfect Generation

I finished reading The Perfect Generation by C.P. James.📚 Dr. Brent Geller is one of the best researchers on this planet, and he is on a quest to find a solution against much of the genetic disorders children could afflict. At the same time, a billionaire philanthrope creates a special price for a team that can bring real progress to human health treatment.

After winning this prize, the treatment developed by Geller, simply called the Cure, is deployed. The catch is that the Cure needs to be applied in vitro before the child is born. But doing so guarantees that the child will never develop any of a long list of genetic disorders. So the perfect generation is born. But unfortunately, the Cure has a serious fault! Can it be fixed, or is it already too late?


Please note that from here on out, the text can contain spoilers of the book.

Wow, such a good book! I’ve started reading it and could not stop. The main character is quite literally speaking an asshole, and a know it all. But he is written in such a perfect way. The author wrote the book from multiple points of view, and some chapters are excerpts from a biography from Dr. Geller written after the fact looking back on his life. I liked the structure of the book. The only issue I had was that at some point, the switches in the POV meant that I needed to wait until the storyline of a specific character progressed again, which felt a bit like a mini cliff hanger.

I liked the thoughts about what it means for a society when suddenly a whole generation dies. But I think the effects would be far worse than shown in the book. And I also feel that a lot more of the PG, in reality, would lose the will to live and decide to control how their life ends. It does not sound like an attractive way to leave this planet.


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