So good but also so fear and anger-inducing at the same time.


Last year Chris had an accident at work and was exposed to HIV. As a doctor not regularly working with HIV, he realized he didn't know much about what life with HIV looks like presently. He set out to learn about modern treatments and the psychosocial stigmas around HIV, while battling with his health insurance company and waiting for his results.

Chris Finds Out If He Has HIV - Short Film (via

Looks like I need to try this once, it’s ages ago that I eaten it the last time and I have fond memories of this meal, from when we visited my grandparents.

Draadjesvlees is het allerlekkerst als het uit elkaar valt en smelt op je tong.

The translation is: “Wire flesh" is the best when it dissolves and smells on your tongue.

Draadjesvlees recept.

Found this page today, and it looks like a useful resource for more complex Hugo templating topics.

I like Hugo but I struggle with the templating language and its documentation.

This post is not about migrating your WordPress site to Hugo, it’s about transitioning from your WordPress mindset to Hugo’s!

Blog | Regis Philibert.

An interesting article about how to tackle app development.

Apps are made of multiple components (data, models, views) and these components all depend on each other
Where you start doesn’t matter. What matters is that you work in small steps (iterate) and ensure that changes are immediately extended out into every major component in the app (integrate)
Unfortunately, it’s very easy to think about the bigger picture and accidentally start work on everything at once.

Yep not doing to much at the same time is a problem I struggle with as well.

App architecture basics in SwiftUI, Part 1: Coding through iteration and integration.

I’m going to write a JSON feed reader app in SwiftUI and focus on writing the app through small, incremental additions.

Sol LeWitt did a series of maps where he cut out a section of it based on various criteria.
This tool lets you create your own cut up map, enter at least three locations and the map will be generated. A unique map reflecting your relationship to a city.


Experience and wisdom count for more than vast technical knowledge. And, in fact, I don’t have that knowledge, except in the few places where I need it. I know how to get technical knowledge, though. I look things up. I learn. I ask questions. I ask for help. Same as you!

I have these feelings as well, and it helps to know you are not alone. I like to understand how everything works, but I don’t have a profound knowledge of every programming language or feature. But sometimes, this feels like it is not good enough.

inessential: No Jedi.