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I’ve noticed that the Microblog November helped me with writing. Just having a justification for writing something everyday put me into a better place – for writing. So I’ve set up my random word system, so I get an automatic writing prompt every day by Email. It is relatively simple: I found inspiration for the Email sending and scheduling in the following article Automate your day: send WFH emails using Mac’s Calendar app.

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MBNOV Reprise

On a dreary morning, I sit at my table and try to concentrate on my astonishing problem. After many false starts, I think I’m now near a viable solution.

Stooping over my work, I’m puzzling if I should inflate the parameters value more. Perhaps when I bind the value to the expected outcome.

My elderly professor always said to wear all the protective gear before entering the lab. But I guess sometimes it is too spooky for me, especially far into the day’s late hours. But my memory of him is withering away since he took the final train. Since then, I have lessened my dependence on my mentor.

A solution to my problem is possible no matter that I’ve seen many researchers fade away like last year’s winter. I’m alone now at the border of human knowledge.

To capture yet another milestone today, I have all my provisions with me here in the lab – I don’t need to call for more. I adjust my posture to relax a bit and wonder once again about the research dilemma. And then I see the mask hiding the solution to my problem. The answer was pedestrian once you know it – but it will reinforce our knowledge for years to come.

Now #mbnov ✍️ is over – I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. And this is the first month where I wrote at least one post each day.

2020 causes a dilemma for many people. Is the job safe, should I meet my friends, should I go on a holiday?

#mbnov ✍️

I’ve checked my provision multiple times before starting the hike. But still, I have the nagging feeling that I’ve forgotten half of the necessary items.

#mbnov ✍️

I hope I can capture my good mood again today. I somehow lost it between getting out of bed and breakfast.

#mbnov ✍️

Sometimes, when I try to recreate a bug that does not look possible, it helps me take a step back to find the solution. Unfortunately, this is a skill I struggle with quite a lot.

#mbnov ✍️

I have a clear memory of a better time in my life, and I’m working on being able to go back to it at some point.

#mbnov ✍️

I say a lot to my child every day, but she receives only half of it. I expect this ratio to decline further as she gets older.

#mbnov ✍️

I’m currently puzzling over my plan for today. Should I go home directly or plan another stop along my way?

#mbnov ✍️

Sometimes it feels like the right things are far away. But when we take the time to look near us, we always find something closer.

#mbnov ✍️

All our learning together did manage to astonish our audience at the concert.

Wow, this was a hard word for me, but I think I managed to find something which works. #mbnov ✍️