It is snowing here – but I can’t enjoy it - migraine again :-(

In the foreground Is a group of ten mandarins which still have part of the leaves on them. In the background is a little notes holder in the shape of a cat. Everything is placed on our counter top.

It is time for mandarins again. And this year my wife organised a direct import from Italy. Love them!

I just tried my first workout on Fittness+, wow that is amazing. I’m on a free trial right now and would never have thought that I would pay for it. But right now it looks totally different.

I love seeing all the winter photos starting to roll in here :-) We are still some weeks off for the first snow.

An unsuccessful selfie of myself with a cat my lap. My head is cut off above the mouth and the cat is front and center. It is big old tabby cat – not looking directly into the cammera.

I tried to get a selfie with the friendly cat at the retirement home. I think from the cats perspective I was successful ;-)

It is interesting how the tension in my neck is bad and causes me pain. But when used in architecture, it allows us to build fragile-looking and impressive buildings or furniture.

Temporary Lake 📝

The weather is good, and I walk along a temporary lake. “What has happened in your life?” I ask my companion. We haven’t seen us for a fortnight, so there are thoughts to share. They reply with a story about their lives.

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One book just isn't enough - so I decided to rebind all the 14 books in the Wheel of Time series into one huge bookbinding abomination, with a total of 12.000 pages.

I made a 12,000 page bookbinding abomination.

I would love to have this in my shelve. Totally unpractical to read from but to look at it. It is no nice.

Managed my first 1km in swimming today! So happy with myself right now. It was my goal ever since I’ve started swimming regularly in January. 31 Minutes for 42 lanes (at 25m).

Why do I always land in dependency hell when I want to upgrade a single library in my react project?

Yeah, just managed to fix the zipper on my favourite hoody! Now I don’t need to trow it away. Only took 3 minutes of googling and one minute of executing the tip – tighten one side of the zipper with a plier.

Three transparent plastic igloos lighted with different colours (from left to right: yellow, red and blue) lamps. The yellow one is in the front and dominate the image. Inside of the igloos is a table ready for our dinner. The surrounding area is dark, as the picture was taken at night.

Igloo – built from hexagonal plastic tiles. We ate our dinner in the it yesterday :-)

Projects: Eyeglass Case

Project Cover
The finished eye case. It has a triangular shape and can be folded flat (theoretically). The finished case opened up with my sunglases in it. My old eyeglass case broke – actually, it broke long ago, but I finally got the idea to replace it. I searched the Internet to buy a new one, but the only one I found and liked was out of stock.

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A screenshot of the new date highlight dialog for the calgen tool. Showing how you can now select ranges to highlight. On top is also another screenshot showing how the date highlighting will look in the actual generated calendar. The example has two ranges selected. The first is from 11/13 to 11/22 and the second from 11/26 until the 11/28 of this year. On range has a background color of orange the other of violet.

Optimised the date highlight function in my calendar generation tool: CalGen. It is now possible to select ranges and also export / import the data.