I’ve read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas by Jules Verne.📚 when I was a child quite some time ago and decided it is time for a reread. It is still a beautiful book to read, but I completely forgot that it consists of mostly listing of fish and other beast living in the sea. I’m not sure if as a child I was riding an abridged version of this book. As I remembered it as being quite an action-packed, which this book is not. So there was some skipping involved in reading this book – something I usually don’t do an feel quite bad about :-(

I used to categorize Jules Verne as a Science Fiction writer, but I recently learned that this is not entirely correct and the primary motive of his books a report of people traveling to unique places. And after reading this book, I see this as well. And I’ve concluded that I rather like this genre! I was planning on rereading some more of his books, but at the moment I’m a bit torn apart if I really should. I don’t want to destroy any more childhood memories.