Borderline (The Arcadia Project) by Mishell Baker šŸ“š is a rather short book which went onto my reading list, I think while browsing Amazon the other day. Due to travel plans for the weekend, I needed something new to read, so I gave it a shot. I only realized after half of the book that this is sort of a detective/crime solving novel, a genre I usually avoid. It was a lucky happenstance as otherwise, I would have missed out of a good book and possible series.

This book changes a lot of the ingredients to a traditional fantasy novel. The hero survived a suicide attempt and is continually fighting her Borderline symptoms. And I need to research BDP a bit more to understand the issues at hand.

In the meantime, I also finished the second book of the series. I did not like it quite so much as the first part. And Iā€™m currently unsure if I should read the next issue at all.