I just finsihed reading The Stand by Stephen King.📚 I’ve heard about this book on the Reconcilable Differences podcast on episode 90. It is my second time reading anything from Steven King. The first instance was Firestarter, which I consumed last year.

I have not read more from him as I was subconsciously making a big circle around this author, as for me his name is connected with horror, a genre I don’t like at all. But the description on the podcast did not sound like horror at all, and so far there are some horror themes in there but nothing too wrong. The story so far reminds me strongly about the walking dead, and I sort of like this show.

The second part the book changes the pacing and writing style a bit. At first, I did not like this - the style and pacing of the first part were more to my taste. But after some chapters in there, it works well for the story. I’m now in the third part of the book, which I think about civilization building. The genre of the book has changed again, and I think I’m now reading a political thriller. I’m wondering where this will lead, as I don’t yet see the endplay the author is after.

In the final part of the book the mood shifts again and I’m reading now an adventure game, and our heroes have started their big quest. I have the feeling that it will lead to death – again.

It was a good read, and finally, I had found another longer book — a good last one to read in 2018. I’m not sure if I will study more from this author but I certainly need to change my prejudice about his novels, and perhaps look a bit more closely at each of his works. I’ve seen some titles at the end of the current book which certainly sound intriguing.