📚 Review of Rejection Proof: How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible by Jia Jiang, I’ve heard the interview of the author on the episode 49 of the “You are not so smart” podcast and was intrigued about his story.

I’m a prime candidate for rejecting myself constantly. Just the idea of asking somebody something is causing me anxiety. And he writes this quite clearly do not stop doing something just because you think other persons would not approve of your idea - ask. The worst, which can happen is no. But then it is a no from an external party and not from you.

The author has an easy writing style which allows a good reading flow. And his ideas on how to test rejections are cool. And by going into the research on the topic, he also manages to expand the story on why we fear rejection. The last question addressed is how you overcome your fear, apart from getting a lot of rejection experience.