I just saw this by Richard Leis. I’m happy because the Wheel of time is coming to the TV.

The book belongs to one of my absolute favorite series, and I always hoped to see a Movie or TV adaptation of it. From what I found, we are still in an early stage of the project, and it will nevertheless take at least a year before it is released. However, I will be patient waiting for the release date!

Depending on the content, I have some fears that it will be disappointing me. But from what you can read it sound like the people involved know what they are doing and Brandon Sanderson is also involved, so I think it will work out.

Some more information can be found here. Regarding the first season, it looks like it will be from Moraine Sedai point of view – as compared to the first book – where it is mostly from the perspective of Rand. I’m keen on seeing how this works our. My main hope is just that they do not botch the many parallel timelines you find in the book, especially I hope that the “time anchoring scene” gets a reference in the show. As this is, in my opinion, one of the best writing in the complete story. But this is coming way later in the story anyway. So just hope the first season works, so we get more of it :-).