Review of Becoming by Michelle Obama

I just finished reading Becoming by Michelle Obama.📚 I did not know much about the Obama family when starting this book, but I remember that I was following the campaign a bit more closely at the time, so I was interested in the book to get some insight and perspective from the inside.

The book starts with how she grew up to become the women she is today. It was interesting to read how she needed to learn how to be strong and how important it was for her in reaching any life goals. And that the parents are taking an active role and also fight for their children. Especially when it is related to education. This book helps me getting more aware of my privilege is had as a child. It’s not something I’m usually aware of, but it is starting to change. Which I think is a good development.

The book is not exactly a page-turner, except for the middle part when her husband is campaigning, but it is still a good read and never gets dull. So I recommend reading this book to anyone.


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