Review Bobiverse Book 1 to 3

I just devoured the Bobiverse trilogy: We Are Legion (Bobiverse Book 1), For We Are Many (Bobiverse Book 2) and All These Worlds (Bobiverse Book 3) all by Dennis Taylor 📚.

Amazon recommended this series – once again, and as I just came of reading something longer and more substantial, it sounded like the right thing to dive into next. And I just consumed all three book back to back!

I do not regret this decision. Although I did not like the main character, in the beginning, it changed quite fast after the first book started. And at this moment the books became a page turner for me.

The biggest issue I have with the series is the first three or four chapters of the first book. It’s nice that the author provides a bit of perspective to the life of the character as human, but compared to the length of the book and that the character at this point is not likable I’m not sure this is a good idea. But a soon as the action starts everything is fine :-D.

The second book manages to continue where the first one left off. I started to see some repetitions in the descriptions of the characters and reusing of the same sentences. But the story continues to thrill me.

I’m starting to lose the overview a bit of all the many Bob there are now, and where they are. I was wondering if perhaps it would have made sense to limit the book onto one or two Bobs and finish the plot lines and then highlight a couple of different Bob in the next issue. But I think it was good the author did not do this it would have changed the feel of the story quite a significant bit. And not for the better.

The last book in the series continues to describe the war with the Others and how this issue is solved. It creates a sweet ending for this story arc. And I leave space for more books from this universe.

I liked all three books!


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