Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

Another book finished: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson.📚 The story starts quite harmless; the moon gets destroyed by an unidentified object. I somehow would have expected a different story behind this setup, compared to what the author produced, he does not answer how and why the moon was destroyed; he follows the consequences of this event, which are rather dire!

The author divided the book into three parts; each reads like a different book. Book one describes the start of the story where the agent destroys the moon. And humanities reaction onto the oncoming catastrophe.

The second part is after the onset of the hard rain, and this part was the worst to read, the author is continuously repeating the same information and facts from the first part. It is nice when you get reminded sometimes, but not every other page. It was too much, and it was taking me out of the story.

Then we have the third and final part of the story with a considerable time jump into the future. The new civilization after the hard rain presented and introduced, and it feels like a new book and story. The prose mixes between story and historical information reminding me a bit of the writing style of LÊs Miserables. And luckily the repeating of facts stops again!

Throughout the book, we follow the story mostly from the viewpoint of three characters which all are relatable. And I’m still thinking about the story now some weeks later. It is a good book, no matter my complaining about the middle part. And I think the whole topic and its consequences are only unfolding now in my head. And I also realized something important about orbits and how starships move around in space :-)


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