Review of Not On the Label - What Really Goes into the Food on Your Plate

Not On the Label - What Really Goes into the Food on Your Plate by Felicity Lawrence is a 📚 about how our food chain is working nowadays. I’ve read the second edition published after 2013. The book is quite old, but still relevant today.

Each chapter of the book explains how the food chain works for a given food item, and what the issue is. We start with beef which includes horse to keep the price low. Visit chicken to move further along to bread and coffee.

I like the writing style of this book. The chapters are logical and contain a lot of meat :-D to ponder. Unfortunately, the book mostly covers Great Britan which does not directly help me. But thanks to modern times, the system works the same in my country as well.

In the end, we get cheap food because others are paying for it. Either by being exploited or by not earning enough to live. It looks like the only way to change this in the short term would be to have a big garden to grow your food, and start eating less meat – something I already do, most of the time. Another thing is undoubtedly also to stop buying fruits and vegetables which are out of season.


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