Review of Homeland

After reading Walkaway, I realized that there is a sequel to Little brother. So I naturally read Homeland by Cory Doctorow📚 as my next book. The book was a rollercoaster for my emotions, but I still liked it.

The story starts slow but is accelerating throughout the novel, and I could not let go of it until I nearly had it finished. Compared with Walkaway it is a lot more on the practical side and less philosophical, which makes it easier to read. The story connects to its prequel, but the author placed it some years later. It tells how Marcus is trying to manage his life as a young adult without a formal degree and a job.

And Marcus beeing Marcus needs to do what’s right instead of what is good for him, which causes him a lot of pain and also fights with big invisible bad boys.

I like the book and recommend it, and you can read this just as a simple novella or think about the more significant issues behind it.


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