Review of Girl of Glass

Another late review of a book I’ve read: Girl of Glass by Megan O’RussellšŸ“š. I’m not sure what I should think about this book. The book was entertaining to read, but for some reason, I could not connect with the main protagonist.

The story is a Vampires and Werewolf placed into a futuristic SciFi setting. The main character lives in a glass dome where they protect the DNA of plants and humans for a time when Earth is habitable again. But there is not enough space inside the domes for everybody, so a big part of the human population needs to live outside the domes. And try to fight against the polluted environment.

And one solution to cope with the environment is to transform yourself either into a Vampire or a Werewolf. And then we also have our usual love triangle to finish off the story.

As mentioned, I did partly enjoy reading it, but the story did not connect well with me. I’ve enjoyed the other works of this author way more and will not follow this series further.


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