Review of Starsight (Skyward Book 2)

I just finished reading Starsight (Skyward Book 2) by Brandon Sanderson.📚A worthy second issue for this series.

Spin’s character is growing in this issue, form only beeing a pilot to something more. Now she also needs to be a spy and a politician. And infiltrate a base of the central galactic government. So this book expands the universe of the story quite a lot, and we also finally get some answers – not all answers but certainly enough to understand the setting better.

I liked that this book was quite different compared to the first issue. Mr. Sanderson managed to expand and redefine the focus of the series and now has a solid base for a long series, which also plays in an exciting universe as well.

One aspect I wondered about while reading is how he managed to make this book so much simpler to read compared to his The Stormlight Archive series. I don’t have a definitive answer to this yet, but one point is that this world is a lot simpler, and we have less parallel storylines. But I think the language used is also a bit simpler as well.


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