Review of The Fated Sky: Lady Astronaut Novel

I finished reading The Fated Sky: Lady Astronaut Novel by Mary Robinette Kowal.πŸ“š

The second issue connects directly after the first book. We now have a station on the moon, and Elma York – the main protagonist – works now as a space bus driver on the moon for half the year.

But as this does not make for an exciting book, she soon managed to get onto the first mission to Mars. And the rest of the book explains the preparations for this mission and then the actual mission itself.

After the excellent start of this series, the second book is still a good read, but it is starting to show some rough edges. Again, it is painful to read how the women are on the spaceship. But get reduced to doing “women”’s task like cooking or doing laundry. I understand that this was like how it was in that epoche, but I would think that after you went to all the expense to educate them as astronauts then let them do their job!

I still enjoyed the book and could not stop reading it. But it certainly is not as good as the first issue. I’m wondering how it will continue.


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