Review of The Great Hunt, The Wheel of Time, Book 2

Review of The Great Hunt, The Wheel of Time, Book 2 audiobook πŸ“š. The journey goes further. We start seeing some growth in Rand in this book.

I’ve entirely forgotten how early the Black Ajah is mentioned for the first time. Or better, I see now that on the first – and second – time reading, I did not give it’s mention as much thought as I give it now.

I also did not remember anymore how much action happened until Mat got his dagger back and went off to the White Tower to be healed.

Seeing Tom Merilin not beeing or wanting to be involved in the story was also another aspect which felt strange ;-) But I’m glad he is back now! For me, he is just a figure which is needed, especially in the later books when he sticks to Mat.

I also liked the first appearances of the Aiel; these are a lot more foreshadowing when you know the story.

Another scene I remember from the book is the Acceptance Test from Nynaeve. The test now looks a lot more dangerous. There is so much which can go wrong with ter’angreal.

I find it interesting how much happened in this book, which I have forgotten. For some reason, the next issues are sticking a lot more to my mind than the second book. No matter that this second book contains a lot of the necessary action leading up to a Dragon Reborn.


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