Review of Infinite Detail

I just finished reading Infinite Detail: A Novel by Tim Maughan.๐Ÿ“š

It took some time to get into the story. The book contains two timelines. One timeline called “After” is situated after the global networks stopped working. The reason for this crash is not explained in the beginning; it is just a given. But not all technology is death. The other timeline is called “Before” and shows the situation just before the crash. I liked the “Before” chapters a lot more than the “After” chapters. These were somehow better to read and understand. In both timelines, we have some overlapping of the same person (just younger or older).

Before and After

The main problem is that a group of idealist crashed the network to start a revolution but did not have a plan for what will happen after the revolution. So they replaced the mass surveillance and global capitalism with the same version just on a local scale. And there are still more or less the same people in power.

Before and After

I’m not quite sure what the message of this book is. It starts off quite mystic and then comes back to beeing quite technological. But most characters are not happy with the technology, but they still try to get it back somehow.

Before and After


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