Review of Shadow of the Conqueror (Chronicles of Everfall Book 1)

I just finished reading Shadow of the Conqueror (Chronicles of Everfall Book 1) by Shad Brooks.๐Ÿ“š This book is the first book by Youtuber Shad from Shadiversity channel. I’m a subscriber for some time mainly for his technical videos about how castles work. I’ve known for some time that he wants to write a book but did not realize that it was already published. So I was happy to start the book when he mentioned it the other time in one of his videos.

I like the world he has created for this book, but not so much the main character and the side cast. But he got me with the well thought out world building and how the magic system and technology is working. I like it when an author spends time to think this stuff through and also explains it. But just be warned the author does not hide the explanation of how the world works. There are multiple pages of monolog where some of the aspects are explained โ€“ I don’t have an issue with this, makes it simpler to read, but I can understand if this is not to everybody’s liking.

Some of the scenes and the magic system remind me of the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson. Just the way the main character is learning about his abilities.

Around two-thirds of the book, I was starting to wonder how this book will end. And I was not sure if there will be a good ending for this book. As from the title, it looks to be a series, and I’m not convinced when the main character survives the first book. But having it read now, I think the ending works. And it was better then what I would have expected.


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