Review of The Word for World is Forest (Hainish Cycle)

I just finished reading The Word for World is Forest (Hainish Cycle) by Ursula K. Le Guin.๐Ÿ“š

The story played on a world overgrown by a vast forest. Inhabited by humans adapted to the living on such a world in small tribal structures.

The humans from earth started a colony to harvest wood on this planet. They use the native tribes as “slaves,” although not called by this name, it is the same.

This book is placed early on in the timeline of the Hainish Cycle. There is no Ansible yet โ€“ so the colonist from the earth, work, and life on there without much contact with the home planet.

The book tells the story of how the native humans raise and fight against humans, which are destroying their home planet.

I’ve quite liked this book, and it is was a lot easier to read compared to the one before. So far, this book is the closest to classical science fiction I’ve read of the Hainish Cycle.


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