Review of The Blacksmith's Son (Mageborn Book 1)

I just finished reading The Blacksmith’s Son (Mageborn Book 1) by Michael G. Manning.📚 As I liked the other books by the same author quite a lot I fought, I try one of his earlier works.

The book starts with the main person named Mordekai rescuing a horse from a river. While doing this, he realizes that he is a wizard. To research this better, he goes on a holiday to his friend’s castle, where he also luckily directly finds three beginners' spellbooks.

I did not enjoy this book due to the plot being very transparent and visible. I also could not quite find my way into the main character. He had issues and conflicts, but the solution was always directly there somehow.

I liked how in this book, the nobles are not automatically the bad guy. And they also have compassion and understanding for the common people living with them.


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