Review of The Shadow Rising, The Wheel of Time, Book 4

Review of The Shadow Rising, The Wheel of Time, Book 4 audiobook 📚. Part four of the series and the last time for a very long time where our three ta’veeren are together in the same location.

The book starts in Tear, where Rand is learning to be a ruler and how to be in love. But soon, the different groups split up. Perin travels back to the Two Rivers together with Faile and Loial, where he hopes to settle his debt with the Whitecloaks. Rand, Egwene, and Matt go to the “Three Fold Land” along with the Aiels. Elayne and Nynaeve travel to Tanchico in the hope of finding the missing Black Aja members.

I think this is the book where the adventure starts for real. Our heroes now know what is at stake and also understand the world better. And they even realize what they need to learn to achieve the goal.

So the group is split, introducing the plot lines which we now will follow for most of the other nine books to come. I’m looking forward to most of these plotlines ;-)


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