Review of The Fires Of Heaven, The Wheel of Time, Book 5

Review of The Fires Of Heaven, The Wheel of Time, Book 5 audiobook 📚. We follow three main plots-threads in this book. Elayne and Nynaeve search and travel to the gathering of the blue Aes Sedai, who collected in an old town. Min, Siuan and Leane are also on their way to Salidar and try to stay relevant now that they no longer are Aes Sedai. Rand is moving out of the Aiel Waste to Cairhien, where he fights his first big battle.

I’m not fond of the Elayne and Nynaeve part of the plot. I like the part where they meet Brigitte, but overall the part is a bit long and tedious. Especially the mood these two are in :-(, but the power shift between Egwene and Nynaeve is excellently done, and also a subtle foreshadowing for later.

I like the character development of Mat in this book. I think this is the first time he shines. I also like the beginning of the Salidar plot and how Siuane manages to matter still wether, she can channel or not. I am looking forward to its further development.


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