Review of 7th Sigma

I just finished reading 7th Sigma by Steven Gould.📚 I found another book by one of my favorite authors, the perfect thing to read right now.

The main character is a teenage boy living on the street due to an abusive father. His mother died some years ago. Kimble lives in the part of the USA called the territory. Due to a “bug” infestation, you cannot use any metal. The bugs are small replicating machines detecting and then eating the metal. They cover a big part of the USA but not all. At the beginning of the story, he meets Ruth, an Aikido Teacher, and he accepts to be her apprentice in the new dojo she founds.

I like the flow of this book. It has multiple parts following Kimble’s life and adventures as he grows older. Although the jumps between the sections can be a bit jarring, the book still flows well, and I could not stop reading it.

The book strongly reminds me of Jumper, mainly due to a similar main character. Kimble feels like a younger and less opinionated version of Davy Rice, and perhaps also a bit more likable for this.

I very much would like a sequel to this book where the ideas with the bugs are further explored.


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