Review of a crown of swords, The Wheel of Time, Book 7

Review of A crown of swords, The Wheel of Time, Book 7 audiobook 📚.

This book spans the shortest period over all the books in the series. Only 11 days pass. I like that when you have such a long series that you can do such things. Slow the flow of time and tell a story from multiple viewpoints in parallel.

The following points I’ve observed while listening to the book:

  • Chapter 27: Perin gets his Asha’man. And they have also discovered bonding – I never realize this.
  • Chapter 30: Nynaeve finally surrenders and archives to remove her block.
  • Chapter 32: The start of cleaning the White Tower from the Black Ajah. I’m looking forward to the further development of this plot.
  • Chapter 40: It is mentioned clearly how the Black Ajah is working, by having three different oaths and not the standard Aes Sedai oaths. I did not remember this point mentioned so early on.


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