Review of Helm

I finished reading Helm by Steve Gould.📚

The book is a story about Leland Laal, the youngest of four sons. He is unlike his other brothers and more interested in knowledge instead of fighting. But he also likes to explore so at the beginning of the book he climbs the needle – a small mountain, six meters wide at the base. Unfortunately, it is prohibited to climb this mountain, and when his father finds out that he did this, he gets punished.

The humans in this book are the third generation of settlers living on the planet Agatsu. They fled earth as it was no longer habitable. And they were unable to take any modern technology with them. The only exception is the helm, which the Laal family owns. This device contains the knowledge of the human race.

The book does not explain a lot at the beginning, and it takes quite some time until the story gets a clear direction. Unfortunately, there is also abysmal editing in the book. The point of view jumps between multiple characters without at least a paragraph break. And as a lot of the characters have very similar names, this was confusing me quite a lot. It gets better in the second half of the book.

I liked the story a lot; it is not as good as other books by the same author. But it was still quite the page-turner for me. I also enjoyed the ending and how the author managed to solve the central conflict.


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