Review of The Smudger (The Memory Trader Book 1)

I just finished reading The Smudger (The Memory Trader Book 1) by Angeline Trevena.๐Ÿ“š The story about our main protagonist Kioto. She is a memory trader โ€“ meaning she can extract memories from other peoples. Memory traders are not loved and are at the very bottom of society. She is continually searching for a way to survive.

The book takes quite some time to start with the actual plot. And at the moment when it starts, it is already over again. The point of view is split between Kioto and her mother. I’ve liked the chapters of Kioto better and could relate more to her story. But the sections of her mother are relevant as they tell the past and how the life of Kioto is as it is.

Overall I liked the book, especially also because it did not explain a lot. I’m still not quite sure if the world is a future of our timeline or if it is something completely alternate. I hope to find this out in the next issue.

There where two quotes from the book which stuck in my mind:

But it was the rest of the world that was the problem, not us. There was nothing wrong with us


โ€œAnd thatโ€™s why itโ€™s good that the world is full of different people.โ€ โ€œBut they donโ€™t like different?โ€ โ€œSome people are afraid of different.โ€


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