Review of the Sister (The Memory Trader Book 2)

I just finished reading The Sister (The Memory Trader Book 2) by Angeline Trevena.📚

The book connects after the first issue, and we follow the story of Kioto further. They still fight in the revolution to get fair treatment from the government.

Compared with the first book, the character of Kioto has changed quite a lot. She now feels a lot angrier and also more undecided about what she wants to do. It was strange to read and made the character less sympathetic to me. Thinking back to the first issue, I feel that these character streaks were always there, but the first book has most of the POV on herself, and now we have a lot of POV from other characters in her vicinity. So it is understandable that we get a different picture from her. And this is quite beautiful storytelling by the author.

The book also reminded me a bit of the Hunger Games series, which I loved. The way how Tian managed to get the people onto the sides of the memory traders especially, just by being there.

This book was all in all a good second part of the series, and I enjoyed reading it.


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